Diabetic Foot Pain and the Many Related Health Problems

Diabetic foot pain is often a frequent complaint of those battling diabetes. Because of the high potential of impaired circulation associated with this “sugar” disease, complications of the feet are a frequent challenge.

One major complication that can lead to diabetic foot pain is diabetic neuropathy, which causes the loss of feeling in your feet, taking away your ability to feeling pain and discomfort. Naturally this is a serious matter since the decreased feeling leaves you with minimal ability to detect an injury or irritation. Furthermore, the poor circulation in your feet, continues to reduce your ability to heal, making it quite difficult for even a tiny cut to resist infection.

There are two types of diabetes and they differ in cause, clinical course and treatment. The major classifications of diabetes are the type I diabetes which is referred to as insulin dependent and the other one is type II diabetes which is referred to as non-insulin dependent.

A large percentage of the pain associated with these complaints is because of sensory neuropathy. This can show up as “sensitive pain,” where the amount of pain is not proportional to the amount of insult that is causing it. For instance, just touching the skin or putting a sheet over your feet in bed could be painful. This can be present at the same time as numbness in the feet. Sensory neuropathy symptoms can include burning, tingling or a stabbing pain. Those with neuropathy are susceptible to the development of deep space infections in the foot. These infections have a high morbidity and can even lead to amputation, if the problem is not identified early.

Diabetic foot pain may also lead to muscle and joint problems. Many times you will see muscles that are impacted by diabetic neuropathy, circulation problems and atrophy. You may also see patients that become more susceptible to bacterial, fungal and yeast infections because of the medical and nutritional changes that take place in the body.

If you are faced with a diagnosis of diabetes, remember it is quite important that you follow a lifestyle of healthy habits. After all, you will want to do everything you can to avoid complications.

Be a smart and health-wise patient…don’t ignore your diabetic foot pain!